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Tips to Choose the Proper Color for Roofing Shingles

A solid decent roof is not something you should only dream of, it’s a necessity. Did you know that your roof makes up about 40% of the whole external appearance of your house? This is why you can’t neglect that view and have to hire a roofing contractor in Martinsburg to renew or replace your old roof. If you’re going with shingles, it’s really important to learn to choose the right color for them.

Helpful Tips on Picking the Color for Roof Shingles

  • Think of your house’s siding.
    Blue or dark walls go really well with dark roof. Overall, you should try to make your roof darker than your walls. If you like that charming brown, tan color, you should try to stay away from dark or light colors and go with a different tint of than tanned color.
  • Consider your temperature.
    If you’re turning to roofers in Martinsburg to install some light shingles, you should know that those will keep your house cooler. This is a great choice for warm to hot climate where you get a lot of sun. Darker shingles would be great for cooler weather.
  • Remember the cost of your house

If you’re planning to move anytime, you really shouldn’t go with bright, high-contrast colors. Your house would value more with a simple roof that other people are used to. Also, it would look better in the neighborhood.

Actually, before you call residential roofing pros in Martinsburg, you have to make sure your neighbors are absolutely fine with your choices. You could either check if there are any rules that could prevent you from building in that color, or you could simply ask. This is especially true if you’re choosing patterned or mixed roof or are planning to use any non-standard coloring.

Think of a style of your house too. Sometimes you can create really interesting mixes, but sometimes you should go with traditional looks. For example, white walls always look stunning with red shingles, but a colonial house definitely doesn’t.